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A Retreat Reflection:

Dear Sister Stephanie and Fr. Bob,
Thank you for the tremendous blessing you are to the people of the west side!
The teens that I chaperoned from St. Jude in New Lenox were there for a confirmation service and retreat day and you could not have set a better tone for them.

Serving the people was fantastic and many of the kids commented on how wonderful it was just to do something as simple (and profound) as handing someone a bag of apples or a loaf of bread. They loved the smiles and the interaction with these people who they had not met before. Many even commented on how they liked cleaning the sidewalk, believing that it made the neighborhood more home-like. This gives me great hope for the future of our Church!

The meal you served was super-delicious and of course the kids really liked the cookies.
The Church itself was such a peace-filled place; it was like a spiritual banquet that invited all, many of whom accepted the invitation, to reflect on the gift of service, the presence of Jesus in everyone, and to look into themselves to decide if they want to really journey with Jesus in their lives.

Sorry but I do not know all of your names but I met a number of the sisters and the energy level, enthusiasm and sheer joy literally overflowed out of them and into everyone will to receive it.
I was very humbled and impressed by it all.
Attached is a little gift for you. I took a number of photos and these 2 stood out to me. One is hopefully clear as to what it is. The other is a shot of the plaster bordering the window frame on the west stairs going up to the choir loft and shows the stunning, liquid colors of the stained glass, warmed by the God's gift of the afternoon sun. Enjoy!

Peace and all that is good!
Deacon Mark Armamentos