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  • Sign up for Team OLA 2019 is ON - Run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon or Shamrock Shuffle! Info HERE.

  • CONGRATS TEAM OLA! $190,000 raised and still moving! Donate HERE. Highlights HERE.

  • Our youth outreach run in partnership with the YMCA was featured on NBC HERE.

  • Sr. Alicia and Sr. Stephanie were on ABC and NBC and NBC AGAIN for their marathon efforts!

  • We need help at our community dinner on 10/31! Details HERE and e-mail HERE to sign up.

  • The school project is ON! See updates + how you can help HERE. (updated 10/14/18)

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Team OLA!Run
-Sign up for Team OLA 2019 HERE
-Donate to Team OLA 2018 HERE.
-2018 highlights HERE!
OLA School Renovations
- OLA School is being renovated for more program space, donation storage, and volunteer / retreat housing.
-We need your help- more HERE.
-Voices of the Mission is still HERE.

Sr. Alicia
The Mission of Our Lady of the Angels establishes a Catholic presence
in West Humboldt Park on Chicago’s west side.

This area is presently one of the poorest neighborhoods in the City of Chicago. The purpose of the Mission is twofold: to assist the materially poor and to share the treasure of our Catholic Faith. Please click HERE to learn more.