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As discussed on the history page, the church was completed in 1940 and seats up to 1130 people. When the parish was opened the huge basement was used for overflow Masses and various church events.

After the parish closed in 1990, it was then rented out by New Miracle Temple Baptist Church between 1991 and 2009.

Extensive capital repairs were needed before the Baptists began renting the church. They were only able to use half of the church while they were renting because the roof over the sanctuary was water damaged and in danger of collapse.

The old, leaky roof caused extensive water damage both in the upper church and in the basement. Broken and clogged gutters led to very little water drainage and large quantities of standing water in the basement.

Thus, the main repairs in the church included: a new roof/ tuck pointing, plaster/ paint repair, complete electrical re-wiring, new flooring, heat repair, plumbing repair, window replacement/ repair, and various flood control efforts.

The church was also outfitted with a complete industrial kitchen and service for 500 people in the basement.

Miraculously, these extensive renovations were completed in less than a year. Tour the renovated Church HERE.




The main Church now provides the space for Eucharistic Adoration, prayer services, Masses, and special events. The basement of the Church is used for special events, larger retreats, and our community dinners.