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GET INVOLVED: DONATE SPECIAL EVENTS - Thanksgiving and Christmas 2021

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas events will be all outside this year due to COVID-19 (very similar to last year).

If you want to help the Franciscans with their needs this Christmas, check out the Amazon wish list or donate.

THANKSGIVINGThank you ALL for your support this Thanksgiving! Highlights HERE.
Material needs

-Gifts for teens (we can also take other gifts, but teen gifts are the biggest need)
-Christmas desserts- either monetary donations or the desserts themselves
E-mail Sr. Stephanie at to donate

Volunteer needs

-Saturday, November 27- Christmas set up day- 9 am to noon
-Monday, December 6 through Friday, December 17- Christmas bag packing. Please pick a day/ time HERE.
-Saturday, December 11- Official Christmas bag packing day- 9 am to noon
-**Saturday December 18 - Christmas party- 8 am to 1 pm FULL- we can't take anymore volunteers! Please sign up for another date.
-**Tuesday, December 21- Christmas pantry- 7 am to noon
For all events, sign up on one of the below forms and please indicate which of the above dates you are volunteering for. If you want to volunteer more than once, please fill out the form more than once.
-New volunteer form or
-Returning volunteer form