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Please contact the Mission in one of the following ways:

Main phone: 773-486-8431
Fax: 773-486-8432

Main e-mail: (click to send an e-mail to us)
Click: Sign Up to sign up for the e-mail list! (You will receive occasional e-mails to keep you informed of all the news at OLA.)

Address: 3808 W. Iowa St., Chicago, IL 60651
Click Google Maps to get directions to the Mission via Google maps!


I received sacraments at Our Lady of the Angels Parish. I need my certificates. Do you have them?
No, since we are no longer a parish, we no longer have the parish files on site. Please contact the Archdiocese of Chicago archives. Here is the link to the contact information:

When do you have Mass and confessions? Aren’t you a parish too?
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels is not a parish, but set up specifically to provide outreach to the poor. We do not have a regular Mass or confession schedule and do not host baptisms, weddings, or funerals except for special circumstances. We exist to complement and enrich the already established parish life in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

When can I drop off my donations?
Generally, 9 am – 5 pm every day except for Tuesdays and Sundays. We are typically able to be flexible, but please call us ahead of time to set up a time and make sure someone is available to receive your donation. See the DONATIONS page for additional info.

Where should I park when I come to the Mission?
Please park on Iowa Street in front of the Mission’s buildings or on the 3900 block of Iowa St.