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West Humboldt Park faces many challenges. It is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Chicago. To help you understand the extent of the challenges, here are some quick stats: (Source: Metro Chicago YMCA. “Kelly Hall Environmental Scan.” Chicago, IL, September 16, 2011)

-97% of children surrounding the Mission qualify for free or reduced lunch
-42% unemployment rate
-$11,000 per capita yearly income
-67% high school drop-out rate
-70% of the neighborhood is overweight or obese
-One of the highest juvenile arrest rates in the city
-Food desert, defined by the USDA as an area with insufficient access to fresh, healthy food.

As these statistics show, our neighborhood has a very great need for healthy food, clothing, other basic material goods, educational and health services, and safe, supportive environments for children and families to develop and build positive relationships. 

Click the map to view a larger one showing poverty level distribution in Chicago. map

-Why is West Humboldt Park poor and crime-ridden?  See this HISTORY page.