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Marian Windows:

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Mary’s identity points directly to Christ. Her Immaculate Conception preserved her for her role as the Mother of God; her role as the Mother of God made her the Arc of the New Covenant, the origin of Christ’s humanity, and the one entrusted with the care of Christ himself; and, her Assumption into heaven was fitting for her Immaculate nature, but also points to the end we all soon hope to share. She is, in fact, the Queen of the Universe.

Mary’s many mysteries has led the Church to develop many titles or names for her.  Each title of Mary helps us focus on certain parts of Mary’s identity, and, in turn, help us to better understand Christ.

Our Lady of the Angels Church is surrounded by windows depicting imagery of some of the many names for Mary.

Mary, Queen of Angels Rose Window Mary, Queen of Apostles

Note- Most of these names are from the Litany of Loreto. The pairing of some of the names with the images could be debated, but these are the most logical pairings.

Spiritual Vessel Ark of the covenant Tower of David
Mystical Rose Arc of the Covenant Singular Vessel of Devotion
Morning Star House of Gold Queen of Virgins
House of Gold Mirror of Justice Fruitful Tree

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