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August 23, 2020 - Marathon on a Treadmill!

We are so grateful for all who helped make the treadmill marathon an INCREDBLE event! As of 9/6, we have raised over $130,000 to support the Mission. This event was an extraordinary witness of the power of the Holy Spirit to unite members of the Body of Christ to do beautiful things for the Church. You can still donate at Thank you!
Sr. Stephanie ran 3:33, which is the new world record for a woman running a marathon on a treadmill.
We were blessed with some incredible publicity including: Good Morning America, Runner’s World, WGNChicago TribuneNBCCBSABCChicago CatholicChicago Catholic (part 2), Women’s RunningWGN RadioRelevant Radio, Fox, Zenit, Aleteia America and Aleteia France (in French)
Thank you so much to ALL who supported the treadmill marathon effort in SO many ways including our sponsors pictured below and:
-All our donors (over 854 individual people)
-Steve Kessler and Mark Schall from USATF for officiating the event with Dcn. Christopher Weiland
-Deena Kastor, bronze medalist in the marathon and American Record holder in various distances, for joining us on treadmill marathon day
-Dave Kappas, the voice of the Chicago Marathon, for announcing the race
-All who joined us on zoom
-Susan Thomas (Archdiocese of Chicago), Dave and Lisa Zimmer, Howard Wallach, Rob Orr, Madelyn Tirpak, Audra Mayham, Lora Collins, Mary Kate Knorr, and Derek Call
And most importantly THANK YOU to PJ Weiland for her incredible efforts in turning this from a crazy dream into an international event!

YouTube Video - Highlights of the Treadmill Marathon (full event video below)
YouTube video of the entire event