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January 16, 2018 - Tuesday Food Pantry

The Tuesday pantry moved to the school building in August. We now serve DOUBLE the people we used to every single month at the Tuesday pantry. Before August, we served about 50 families a week at the Tuesday pantry. Now we serve about 100. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we served 165 families at the Tuesday pantry!

Moving the Tuesday pantry at the school has already allowed us to:
-Let the neighbors sit inside instead of stand outside while waiting
-Double our capacity to sign people in
-Dramatically increase our food storage space and the number of donations we have been able to accept
-Increased client choice (less pre made bags, more individual choice, which leads to less food waste)

As the school renovations begin, the pantry will continue to improve with:
-New, large walk in fridges and freezers
-Improved non-perishable storage space
-Kitchen and proper dining space so we can serve the neighbors breakfast along with the pantry each week
-Freight elevator to facilitate moving donations
-Permanent ramp for neighbors’ carts

If you’d like to volunteer on Tuesdays, we would love your help! Tuesday pantry is 7:45 AM to 11:30 AM.

Enjoy some pictures from our pantry last Tuesday! Back to School Page.