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June 11, 2017 - Mission OLA is investing in empty lots to use for Play Space and Parking

The Franciscans at the Mission are excited to announce that we are in process of purchasing 4 empty lots (2 spaces) to be used for play space and parking! Here is Fr. Bob’s statement on the lots:

Many in our neighborhood are afraid to let their children play outside because of the violence. We are in the process of acquiring property so that we can provide SAFE outdoor space for the youth of our neighborhood to play with proper supervision.  These lots will need significant improvement (ripping out overgrown plants, putting down pavement, putting up landscaping etc.) before they are ready to be used by the children. With your help, we know we’ll have them ready soon! Donate specifically to the lot project HERE. 

In kind donations of the following donations would also be helpful:
-use of bulldozer
-iron fencing
-plants (for next spring)
We’ll keep you updated on the progress via !