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Our seniors’ program is every Wednesday from 10:30 to 2 pm. If you’d like to help with the seniors program, please sign up for a Wednesday work day on the volunteer calendar HERE!

June 2022 - Seniors' Program Returns!

Our senior citizens’ program is back after a 2+ year COVID hiatus! We will now be hosting our seniors’ program in the school. We anticipate we will be back to our normal level of 50-60 seniors by the fall.
Our seniors program includes exercise, Bible study, lunch, and fellowship. Before our seniors’ program started, many of our seniors did not have a safe place to gather in our neighborhood. The seniors’ program has provided this space for our seniors to support each other AND their families for over 10 years!

Our 50-60 “regular” seniors come together every Tuesday for exercise and computer classes, a Bible study led by one of the Franciscans, a nutritious lunch, and time to cultivate friendships and build support networks.

We also periodically go on field trips to give our seniors the opportunity to enjoy some of the cultural and spiritual treasures of Chicago. Our past trips have included Mundelein Seminary, the Shedd Aquarium, Holy Name Cathedral, Navy Pier, an architectural boat tour, concerts in Millennium Park, the Chicago Symphony, and many more!

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Very few of our seniors knew each other before the seniors’ program began in 2009. Many of them were afraid to leavetheir houses because of the challenges in the neighborhood. We are very grateful that we have been able to provide this programming to encourage them to spend time out of the house and participate in positive, enriching activities.

It is especially important to support our neighborhood’s seniors since many of them are raising their grandchildren or great-grandchildren due to family turmoil. We want to continue to help them as they work hard to teach their families Christian morals within the difficult circumstances in our neighborhood.

Field Trip
March 8, 2020 - Seniors Program Going Strong

Our senior citizen’s program continues to grow! We have about 40-50 seniors attend our program each week for exercise class, Bible study, and lunch. The group has helped stabilize social and material networks for these seniors, many of whom are raising grandchildren and greatgrandchildren without a stable source of income.
Here is a picture from our Mardi Gras party for our seniors!