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As many of you know, significant capital repairs occupied the first 6 or so years of Mission OLA’s existence. Thanks be to God, due to many generous people, the vast majority of those repairs are done.

However, a few major repairs that were not done during the main construction have become unavoidable (below).

If you are able, please consider donating to these causes HERE. If you have any other way you can help, please e-mail HERE ( Most importantly, keep these efforts in your prayers.

1) Rectory/ Church boiler

-We are not getting proper heat circulation in significant portions of the Church building
-We have been paying $1000s each winter for repairs
-The next repair is estimated at over $18,000

-New boiler
-Price= TBA
-Rough estimated at over $100,000

2) Convent pipes

-Pipes keep exploding in the convent building- about one every 6 months
-The explosions have caused major damage
Example, two or so years ago, a pipe exploded on the third floor causing damage ALL the way to the basement. We are still finding damage from that pipe explosion to this day.

-Replace the three main pipes that run hot water throughout the building + the individual pipes that go to the sinks
-All that remains for this project is some plumbing for the basement.
-Price $65,000 +