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851 N. Avers

We are the proud new owners of 851 N. Avers- quite the handyman’s special. See pictures below.

After the renovations, this building will be used to house volunteers / retreatants. Without this house, we would soon have to significantly curtail the number of volunteers / retreatants we’d be able to accept.

Within a year, the sisters will need the full second floor of the convent as living space. Female volunteers / guests will use the 3rd floor of the convent, and male volunteers / guests will live in this new house. The property is directly adjacent to the convent- the perfect spot to expand our guest space!

Additionally, we will use the backyard for more parking and extended garden space.

It cost $89,000 to purchase the house and there are many $1000s of renovations to come. If you’d like to donate, DONATE HERE.  We are very grateful for anything that you’re able to contribute to this important project.

If you’d like to donate building supplies or come physically work on the house, e-mail HERE.

Check out the construction weekly updates HERE.